Published: 2019-02-23

Ectopic thyroid tissue presenting as an external auditory canal mass

Nishikanta Verma, Samuel Devanesan Abishegam, Abdul Razak Bin Haji Ahmad


An ectopic thyroid is a rare occurrence with a majority of ectopic thyroid tissue located in the lingual region or in the midline. The abnormal sites represent developmental defects in migration from the floor of the primitive foregut at the foramen caecum of the tongue to the final pre-tracheal position of the gland. A few cases of ectopic thyroid tissue have also been reported from sites seemingly unrelated to the normal development of the thyroid gland.  We report a case of ectopic thyroid in the external ear canal, which presented as a small reddish mass in the external ear canal. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first such reported case in literature and adds to the body of knowledge in such cases. Although such a finding is exceedingly rare, the authors recommend routine histopathology in all cases of polyps in the external canal and standard investigation for the status of the residual thyroid gland via isotope scans, ultrasonography or thyroid function tests.


Ectopic thyroid, External auditory canal

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