Published: 2022-01-25

A clinical study and management of ulceromembranous lesions of oral cavity

Stanley John, Muniraju M., Sreekala S. S., Julie P. R.


Background: This study was done at Dr BR Ambedkar Medical College, Bangalore between November 2019 to May 2021 in the department of ENT to know the clinical profile of patients presenting with ulceromembranous lesions in oral cavity.

Methods: A longitudinal prospective study done with the patients coming to Department of Otorhinolaryngology and also the patient referred from other departments of Dr. B R. Ambedkar medical college from November 2019 to May 2021.After obtaining informed written consent, all patients with ulceromembranous lesions in the oral cavity, a detailed medical history recorded, thorough ENT clinical assessment as well as a systemic check up done. Swab was obtained and sent for Gram's stain, culture, and sensitivity, KOH mount. In suspected malignant ulceroproliferative lesions, biopsies were collected from the edges of the lesions. All information was entered into a custom-made case preforma. Patients were treated symptomatically with appropriate antibacterials and antifungal medicines. Patients with malignant ulcers who gave consent were taken for surgery.

Results: There were 100 cases of ulceromembranous lesions in oral cavity. Females (60%) were most commonly affected. Majority of patients had tobacco chewing as a risk factor for the development of malignant lesions.15% of study subjects had aphthous ulcer as the most common cause of ulceromembranous lesion. Malignant lesions constitute 27% of total cases.

Conclusions: Malignant etiology is most commonly associated with ulceromembranous lesions in oral cavity in our study.


Ulceromembranouslesions, Oral cavity, Carcinoma tongue, Smoking, Hard palate, Tobacco

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